Monday, January 26, 2004

Posted on January 26, 2004


last saturday, i was half-expecting that our class will be watching the first part of the kouhaku 2003. it’s a japanese new year’s concert where the two teams (red and white) of celebs are pitted against each other. at the end of the concert, the votes (from the judges, live and home audiences) are tallied to determine which team wins. it was my first time to watch the concert (only because mojica-sensei wanted to watch hirai ken sing).

anyway, we didn’t get to watch the video’s first part — gackt and moriyama naotaro were in it too! darn! — because we had to review last semester’s kanji…which we already forgot. ^^;; sensei even called the class 勉強不足 (benkyoubusoku), a japanese word roughly meaning “lacking in study”. ^^;; well, it’s partly true…but we do get good grades too!!

speaking of benkyoubusoku, i did promise myself to try writing my blog in japanese, just as miho does with hers. well, as a new year’s resolution, miho promised herself that she’d study english everyday and update her blog solely in english. well, i am trying!! i might post a japanese entry one of these days. do wait for it!

yesterday, i tried uploading my pics again from the digital camera to the pc. nothing happened; i’m not surprised. maybe it’s got something to do with my stupid pc; or maybe it’s the usb cable. i badly need some pictures on my web; it looks so boring with all the text. i needed to make them more interesting! not that i look interesting, mind you. but i did take lots of pics of my family and friends and i want to upload everything as soon as possible.

this morning, i tried tweaking with my blog*spot diary. i managed to apply a nice template and it’s looking really neat right now. however, i can’t seem to fix the commenting system. it’s supposed to come after the date at the end of the posted entry. if anyone knows how can i fix this, please do drop me a line.

speaking of blogs, i see herb has updated hers, hehe. ever the chatterbox, i can almost hear her voice just by reading her diary. ^_^

friday five :: 2004 january 23

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song??yuugao (moonflower) sang by seki tomokazu for the anime, weiss kreuz.

2. …food? chocolate…don’t look so surprised.

3. …tv show? strangely enough, i am favoring “great teacher onizuka” over “saiyuki”. maybe it’s because i’ve been watching the latter for so many times now.

4. …scent? that chinese medicine my grandmother is using for her joints, hehe. it’s got a very strong menthol smell that’s so relaxing, especially if you have a bad headache.

5. …quote??”wearing a japanese shirt doesn’t make you japanese” hehe, just came across this one from this page. ^_^ the guy does have a point!

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