Posted on July 15, 2004


i was over at racs’ office to have something faxed and i almost bumped into he-who-must-not-be-named-anymore. it was more than a couple of times! ha, things haven’t changed…his sense of style is much, much worse than my sense of direction, hehe.

i was telling friends, maybe something good came out of that break-up. he’s starting to reach out and make friends! our common friends are actually my friends and now that we’re over, well, i guess the friendships stopped too. hu-wow, as jax would always say! “making friends” is something that you won’t really expect from my ex. well, that was the sad story. i hope now he’s making friends for the right reasons!

as for me, i’m very happy with my life right now, thank you very much. work is busy, school is so demanding, yet i can find time to pursue the things i really love and enjoy, like going out with friends.

as a matter of fact, last night, i went out with cel, ate bel and grace to have dinner with someone they call “diet” aka “furuchin”. he’s that guy that ate bel badly wanted me to meet. it’s weird how my friends and teachers have teamed up to find someone for me. ah, the perils of being unattached!! well, i admit i almost had to be dragged bodily into the resto…i almost backed out at the last minute. but luckily, i had a nice time. ^_^ he does look a lot like diether ocampo (and he’s mighty proud of that!), except that his front teeth are protruding a little bit. you have to hand it to him; he really knows how to make people laugh. he even did a very convincing impersonation of gackt! normally, i would get offended at such antics; that’s how protective i am of gackt. but when furuchin, in his gackt mode, asked me if i wanted spaghetti, i just laughed my head off! really, he’s an interesting guy. ^_^ tomorrow, we’re having dinner with him again. it’s going to be fun! ^_^

nyar…i still haven’t posted anything on the pansol trips…not even photos. oh well, i’m busy, busy, busy!

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