Posted on January 7, 2005


my 2005 candles

on new year’s eve, i lit up the colored candles my tita gave me for christmas. she got it from manaoag and they are called “prosperity candles”. one is supposed to light them on any special occasion and make a wish. whichever candle melts/dies out first will represent the most abundant blessing he/she will receive. the candles represent the following: (arranged in bioman sequence)

red – love (duh)

green – wealth

blue – peace

yellow – harmony

pink – good health

white – purity

peach – long life

obviously, i wanted the green to die out first. that, or the pink one. i actually thought that the pink would be the first (since it was the first to melt into a stump) and green, second. but red overtook the two and was the first to die out. well! how’s that?? so 2005 will be full of love for me?? i’d rather have the money…or health…or both. maybe this means i will find love and money…maybe this guy will be so adorable and rich at the same time! not a bad combination at all…

yay for robbie williams!

yay for reg, my office buddy! she so kindly gave me mp3s of all the songs in robbie william’s greatest hits album. woohoo! it was on my christmas wish list at the office but my “mommy” (incidentally, it was kristine, who sits in the same cube as myself. good job keeping this one secret!) gave me quilling kits instead. it’s ok; the cd was over the budget anyway and quilling is my latest addiction. now i can listen to bad boy robbie while i work! i hope i won’t get carried away again…they won’t let me forget that time i sang (shouted?) out loud to a glay song i was listening to with my headphones. i was aware i was singing along to “a boy ~zutto wasurenai~”; i just didn’t realize i was singing that loud!! loud, as in, almost everyone in the first quadrant heard it. it was embarrassing…>_<

robbie is really brilliant! his cheeky lyrics and catchy beats keep me awake all day in front of the pc without the need for coffee, hehe. i particularly like “let love be your energy”, not only for its obvious message but for the fact that i feel some beatle influence in the song. is it just me or does robbie sound eerily like john lennon?? i don’t know, the song reminds me of the beatles, particularly john in their early days. another song i like is “sexed up” for its cheekiness and its chorus which i find difficult to forget. in fact, it was my lss on the train last night. “angels” and “she’s the one”, they’re given. ^_^ i’m thinking of including them in my “repertoire” (hehe) for the next karaoke daikai of the darake gang…high up on the list: “come undone”, wahahahahaha! that’ll wake them up, alright!

So rock and roll, so corporate suit

So damn ugly, so damn cute

So well-trained, so animal

So need your love, so f*ck you all

I’m not scared of dying

I just don’t want to

If Id stop lying, I’d just disappoint you

I come undone

They’re selling razor blades and mirrors in the street

I pray that when I’m coming down you’ll be asleep

If I ever hurt you, your revenge will be so sweet

Because I’m scum,

and I’m your son,

I come undone

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