Posted on January 11, 2005


guten Tag!

yesterday was my first day of german class. jimmy was supposed to enroll with desiree and me but was unable to make it because there was no one to take care of the baby (the nanny quit). he promised to enroll by thursday, though. anyway, the teacher, herr ang, turned out to be really nice and very funny. of course not in the same level as mojica-sensei (i can never forget “nejiru you!”, mwahahaha!!) but close. the whole session was about the german alphabet and pronunciation, as there are some peculiarities with the german language. what i found difficult was the letters with the umlaut: ?, ? and ?. it was awkward, both for me and des because we don’t have any background in german, unlike everyone else in class. a class of promil kids, heh! anyway, the trick for ? is to shape your mouth in the [a] sound but forcing the [e] sound. same goes for ? and ?. we progressed to counting from 1 – 99, each one of us reciting a different number. i’m really beginning to hate the number 5 because of “f?nf”…>_< but des and i vowed to hang on till the end, at least until the end of basic german. we may not be promil kids but we’re smart too; we just don’t like showing off in class. ^_^ (in the next meeting, we will introduce ourselves in german and learn how to ask basic information about another person like age and occupation.)

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