Posted on March 4, 2005


i am not really the mushy type. but when i am in love, i become the queen of sap. excuse me, but i can’t help it, hehe. i don’t even care about the jeers and flak i might get for posting this, I DON’T CARE! oo, in love ang drama ng lola mo. ^_~

now that i have elvin ray ^_^

All of my life it seemed
That something had been missing
I didn’t know what to do
Days would pass me by
Each as lonely as the other
Until I met you

You opened the door
And let the sunshine in
My life will never be the same again

Now that I have you, everything just seems so right
Now that I have you, I’m alive
You are the song that I’ll be singing my whole life through
I’m livin’ in a brighter world now that I have you

Looking ahead I see
The two of us together
I’ll never let you go

You’re so dear to me
And it isn’t any wonder
Why I love you so

I feel this love is real
I see it in your eyes
You take my hand and I understand
You are mine
You are mine
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