Posted on June 10, 2005


ayos din naman itong si arol…ang aga humingi ng wedding present. ako daw tugtog ng “canon in d” sa wedding nila ni albert. wow naman, e wala pa nga akong violin no? and besides, it’s not like the wedding is scheduled to happen any time this year. or next year. basta late 2006 or early 2007 daw. pero ok lang, she’s a good friend of mine so i would really love to do it. kung gusto nila, may bonus pang “moon river” (which, incidentally, has been my lss for several days now. that, and the ending theme of spongebob, hehe). chaka ung theme from beauty and the beast, ung “the first time something something”. i’m just a sucker for romantic ek-ek. i hope by that time, marunong and magaling na ako. tapos pala, part kasi ako ng package deal. can’t play without the other. marunong na kami pareho by the time arol and albert walk down the aisle. ^_~

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