Posted on July 8, 2005


ayoko na muna magtrabaho. i’m saving my brain for german class later in the evening. blog and forum na lang muna siguro. for the first time in my ww life, i’m not much different from jax. wala rin kasi ung mga team leads. still in a BIG meeting with hr and the *ubo, ubo* boss. i’m so excited about that meeting. finally, an avenue to vent the team’s discontent with, uhm, everything that’s got to do with her and her mini me. ewan, i’m telling doggie the other day, if things don’t get better by the end of the year, i’ll quit. sayang kasi being in this team has been most fulfilling: the work is good (so is the pay), and the people are very nice. parang lahat may nawawalang turnilyo, hehe. then jeromeo leaves and she comes in from this outsourcing company i don’t want to mention. (syempre, together with this team leader from the same outsourcing company i don’t want to mention). then tries to drastically change the team without much consultation with the team leaders, the very same people who have been working for the company for several years now, and who know the process more than she does. tsk, tsk. is that how they do things in that outsourcing company i don’t want to mention?? buti na lang weekend na…subete no ai de, lost yourself in happiness. carry on, nothing to fear, ika nga ni hyde, ken, tetsu at yukihiro. yun lang. bow.

i’m going to get a bit (more) poorer starting this month. i’ve enrolled myself in the company’s retirement plan fund b. i have signed an agreement authorizing the company to deduct a certain percentage of my monthly salary to put in my own retirement fund. the company matches the amount i contributed and the money will be invested (by an outside party). i’ll be entitled to the accumulated amount plus interest (plus the basic retirement package) after 5 years of service with the company. but if i decide to leave before my 5th year, i am only entitled to the amount i contributed plus interest earned. not bad, huh? it’s like i’m actually being forced to save…which i cannot do by myself because i lack discipline in that department. besides, being forced to save…is bad for my bisyo (so someone tells me). sabi nga ng friend ko, adik daw ako masyado sa music, lalo na sa japanese music. dapat lahat original, dapat lahat bili sa japan. hoy, hinde no! ung kay gackt lang, orig. pero the rest, pwede na ung copy or downloaded from the net. but yeah, i love music so much that sometimes it looks like earphones are surgically attached to my ears. hey, it’s not a vice that gives my parents headaches.

i’m turning 25 next month and will be 50 in 25 years, hehe. i found a great site to keep track of the things one wants to accomplish before the great 5-0. i’ve started my list and here’s what i’ve come up so far:

1. Get my postgraduate degree
2. Travel all over Japan
3. Travel all over Europe
4. Travel all over the Philippines
5. Learn as many languages as I can
6. Visit all of my penpals around the world
7. Get married and have kids
8. Visit Jamaica
9. Ride a double-decker bus
10. Learn to surf/wakeboard
11. Ride an elephant
12. Make a comprehensive online travelogue about the Philippines (written in English, Japanese, German, Italian and Korean)
13. Visit the Pyramids
14. Take a hot-air balloon ride
15. Go horse riding
16. Climb a mountain
17. Christmas in New York
18. Do a parachute jump
19. Go whale watching
20. Visit Machu Picchu
21. See the northern lights
22. Spend Christmas in Hokkaido, Japan – brrrr…

make your own list at my50. have a great weekend!