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Posted on September 16, 2005


yay! finally got the pics up on my photo blog ^_^ click here to view my albums ^_^ i still have loads to upload (especially our sagada pics. the rest are with schatz) and i have yet to put the link on my website menu. oh well, that can wait for now. i’m just having fun with the photos (a little bit trigger happy in the past weeks too).

german 2 class has ended 2 weeks ago, thank God! i had my final exams when i was sick. kakahiya. i was coughing throughout the exam. pero i don’t really care na. i did my best and that’s it. i don’t even care about my final grade. i just wanted to get it over and done with. but i know one person who is concerned about my grade ^_^ she’s a classmate of mine who’s seems to be after my neck after she learned that i got a “sehr gut” (very good) rating for german 1. she almost got “gut” but she was short by 1 point. pansin ko lang, sa buong student life ko, laging may grade-conscious akong kaklase. kakainis. i just hate it when they compare themselves with me. hello, issues! sorry, i’m not competitive kasi e.

i won’t be registering for german 3. i didn’t like the schedule this term. but i’ll try to study by myself using my living language german kit. can’t let my brain cells get rusty, can i?

i’m trying to go full speed ahead on our japanese tutorials. i suggested online lessons and i’m already making the curriculum. it’s not easy but i’m having fun so far. ^_^

one thing i really hate is the smell of ciggie smoke early in the morning. i dread passing by robinson’s summit because the call center people there are having their cancer breaks by the time i get to makati. yuck! not something i would prefer to wake me up!

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