Posted on September 22, 2005


working late in the office again. actually, im waiting for teta to drop by. she’s bringing bags she’s selling. i’m not really reselling them, just wanted to help her out with her business. schatz hopes this is worth it, staying late in the office and getting home late (again, like last night). he’s so sweet, my boyfriend ^_^

i’m just trying to earn extra money, both of us are. so aside from the japanese tutorials, i’m helping out teta with the bags and she gives me commissions.

speaking of money, this is a good month for both of us. i got a pay increase (above market, as jerome the guru stressed during our meeting) and my variable bonus for the year. yipee! then a couple of days later, schatz got his pay increase too. and he’s been in the company for only 2 months! i’m happy that the company recognized his value. he’s a gold mine, really. they’re so lucky to have him. ^_^

wala lang, i changed my blog template. because my haloscan account is a free/basic account, my comments keep on disappearing on me. i won’t have the same problems with blogger, i’m sure.

sa totoo lang, gusto ko na umuwi…wahh! i want my bed, i want baby bear, i want papa bear!