manager na!

Posted on September 29, 2005


after only 2 months in the company, schatz has been made manager of the japan market ^_^ galing galing galing! おめでとう!ipagsigawan: boyfriend ko yan!!! hehe. what a beautiful blessing. i’m so proud of him and of what he has accomplished in so short a time. as i told him today, di ibibigay ni God sa kanya yan if it isn’t good for him. i know this is just one of the many more wonderful surprises the Lord has in store for him. congratulations, schatz! ^_^

writer’s block

i used to write a lot: poems, short stories and even a novel (which a gave to my high school best friend for her birthday). but when i got to college, i lost interest in writing altogether (particularly fiction writing). of course, i still wrote a lot of technical papers for school and they were good too (as panget had once said, “nakakakilabot sa ganda.” panget ka pa rin para sa akin!! panget!) but they are an entirely thing. when i started my japanese classes, i immediately became interested in haiku and i wrote about 1-2 everyday. just because. but i guess that wasn’t enough to fuel me to start writing again. i don’t know when and i don’t know how i can get out of this rut. i’m not in a hurry but i need to get hit pretty bad so i’ll wake up just in time to publish a novel before i turn 50, hehe.