Posted on October 26, 2005


my heart got it right, and i knew it…

sorry, just a random thought. ganon talaga pag pagod ka na, kung ano-ano na ang naiisip mo. kasi ba naman, i’m spending overnight again at work (tonight and tomorrow). we have to release the results of our company’s really big-deal study. ^_~

sige na, minsan lang naman to. as in, once a year lang naman ang peak season and it is only during this time that we’re this busy. and besides, may silbi naman ang ino-overnight ko rito. kala ko kasi wala e, hehe. to borrow words of wisdom from my colleague, carla: we are uplifting the filipino worker. ^_~ so true! so in a way, i’m still making a contribution to my country, without being in public service, hehe.

but while i serve my country, i’m just thinking of home, warm bed, schatz, baby bear, hot chocolate…i so want to get out of this building!

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