harry potter and the goblet of fire

Posted on November 17, 2005


i’ve seen the fourth hp film with teta and it was superb! it’s a shame she didn’t get to finish the movie since duh boss kept on calling her. anyway, she’ll watch the movie again over the weekend. i’m going to do the same thing, with schatz (hopefully nothing comes up and we’ll have a stress-free weekend) ^_^

props to the entire cast and crew of goblet of fire. you rock! i would’ve wanted more scenes from the quidditch world cup but that’s ok. you all did a great job! kudos to the new comers as well, especially to katie, clemence, stan, and robert (yak, close kami?). the movie was brilliant; there were even parts in the movie where i couldn’t hold back tears. corny as it may sound, but it’s true.

isa lang ang masasabi ko: manahimik na ung mga heart evangelista fans dyan. di hamak na mas magaling si katie sa kanya no. wag na pagpilitan, di nga totoong nag-audition si heart no. di sya marunong umarte, maarte lang talaga sya. napili na si katie; live with it.

i think it’s unfair that katie got all these hate mails and was made a subject of so many hate websites just because she got the role of cho chang (and gets to snog harry in the process). i’ve read forum posts calling her panget and sana daw si heart na lang, blah-blah-blah. i think she’s perfect for the part, athletic type at di payatot. di tulad ng inyong paboritong veejay. na bulol naman daw, by the way. pero di ko ma-confirm kasi i have never watched a single show sa myx. hehe, guilty. sorry, rein! AND BESIDES, subjective naman ang panget at maganda, di ba? so katie, you go girl! i’ve been a katie fan ever since i saw her pic on mugglenet. ^_^

o ayan, wag na mainggit. go and watch the movie!

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