my friend george

Posted on January 16, 2006


after months of no contact, i was finally able to talk to george again. she’s my friend from japanese school and the one who introduced me to glay. saw her friendster profile last week and found out she’s married and now living in the usa with her hubby.

THEN, via msn, i learned she already gave birth to a jiro-lookalike just last month! woohoo! wow, time flies really fast. well, i’m just so happy for her and her new life. i only wish her the best. i don’t know when we can see each other but i’m really thankful for msn and yahoo messengers. alam ko naman na kahit nasaan sya, she’s keeping the glay pride alive. rabid! ^_~v i miss you so much, george! let’s keep in touch ^_^

ps: bago ko ito tapusin, isa lang ang dapat natin linawin:
cat = elvin
george = lance

wahahahaha! topak ako!

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