smapstreet boys

Posted on March 29, 2006


smap and bsb, is that hot or what?? found this vid in youtube (where else), smap singing ‘i want it that way’ with bsb. a clip from their show, smap x smap.

brian and shingo – wow, shingo mama holds his own against brian, in fairness to him. his english is very good, too. what’s with ‘believe when shingo says i want it that way’?? nyaha! i still prefer seeing shingo in samurai regalia than his smap couture (complete with dyed hair) ^_^

nick and nakai – go nick!

AJ and takuya – AJ is loads better than kimutaku. in singing. hehe. di bale, di kabawasan sa pogi points un. mas pogi nga lang ang boyfriend ko sa kanya. mwahaha! kimutaku sure makes green pants work. wow. well, he should be able to do that, right? after all, he’s the very first non-western celeb to be an endorser for levi’s. remember that levi’s commercial (early 90’s?) with a tanned asian guy?

howie and goro – sorry, i’ve been a howie fan since the beginning.

kevin and tsuyoshi – when i first saw these two, i thought ‘they could be half-brothers. funny, what kevin said about him and tsuyoshi…they have the same eyebrows! wahaha! (this vid features smap’s interview with the backstreet boys after their song.)

some people might find this vid funny. some might even say smap sucks at singing english. well, let’s put things in perspective. let’s try to see how bsb sound in japanese. ^_~

i love bsb. i love smap. i love smapstreet boys!

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