Posted on April 6, 2006


(super delayed) congratulations are in order: bonnie bryan, aileen and kristine gat on their promotions! lalo na yang si aileen. di na halos kumakain. pauso pa ni joey, ako daw ang 2nd aileen nung new employee pa lang ako. haller!

but there is another person who i think deserves to be promoted…how about brian tan??

congratulations to arol for the new job in deutsche. go girl! i’m so excited for you. kita-kits na lang ha…sa elevator. nyahaha!

***note to HR people: natapon ni bonnie ung coffee creamer kahapon sa pantry. please deduct from his salary accordingly. hehe.

i’m just amazed at myself. amazed at how tough i could be. just when i thought i could no longer take other people’s crap, i would still push myself beyond my limits. just when i thought i couldn’t take it anymore, i’d get some more strength from everywhere, and i mean, everywhere. wherever i go, i have people who love me and that’s where i get my strength from. now i realize the power of the human spirit; as long as i am loved, i will never be crushed. ^_~


some people have class…some people are just plain crass. ick.

problems are problems but they shouldn’t be a way of life. they’re just there for you to deal with and learn from. then move on with life. dealing with problems is very easy, if you put your mind to it. think of them as bug-eyed old hags that can vanish simply by flicking your wand and saying an incantation. ‘evanesco’ should do the trick, according to professor snape. put all your energy into the incantation and will the bug-eyed hags to disappear into nothingness so your life can be happy again.
as the super-duper clem put it, “shit happens. life’s a bitch, but so am i”. ah, what words of wisdom from the fantabulous guru of yuppie public servants (wahaha!).
yesterday, the queen of all hags darkened our doorstep again with her presence… everyone reacted so quickly and started an all-DS group chat via msn. sus, mahigit 20 yata kami nag-chat doon. it was crazy! ikaw ba naman, di ka magugulat kung may biglang mag-appear sa chat screen na BRENDA ang name. shet, si carlo lang pala. tapos biglang papasok si GREG S. langya, si bianco naman. so dun na nag-umpisa ung palit ng palit ng pangalan. kung sino-sino na ung ka-chat namin. had a really good laugh about it. hehe. swear, i work with the coolest colleagues in metro manila. e pano mo naman iiwanan ung ganito??
gotta visit bibliarch later to look for papa’s birthday gift. i’m planning to get him ‘holy blood, holy grail‘ but i don’t know how much that is. buti na lang, i still have some peso credits left in my ayala e-GC. sobrang di talaga convenient ung GC na un. next time nga, SM na lang ha!
speaking of papa’s birthday, we had a simple lunch celebration at home last sunday. he made bangus tocho and (the dreaded ) adobong atay ng manok. kala ko di ako makakakain kasi i still have issues with liver and i don’t like the sound of tocho. 😛 BUT the food was really great! di ko matigilan ung bangus e. kahit walang kanin, kain lang ako ng kain. da best in the west kasi magluto ang tatay ko e. kaya sya mataba. hehe. after lunch, we attacked the magnolia chocolate ice cream i bought at anson’s. e ako, i don’t eat chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream kasi para sa akin, di totoong chocolate un. BUT (again), i loved magnolia’s classic chocolate ice cream. iba talaga ung lasa nya sa ibang chocolate ice cream like ung sa selecta and nestle. wow, hirap tigilan. swear, ang sarap ng magnolia talaga.
papa’s 51 years old but he doesn’t look like it. siguro genes din un kasi most of the people in my family look younger than their real ages, except for my tita na parang pinaglihi sa sama ng loob. iba rin talaga magpatanda ang sungit at sama ng loob no.
teta found a new job, thank God! so that’s one down, many more others to help (schatz, des the confused, aya my hard-boiled egg of a sister…) i’m not about to turn into a career consultant and i’m not about to join mojica-sensei in his dream of building a recruitment and staffing office. people just like to talk to me about their careers (or the lack of it) and i am more than willing to help out. i almost found a job for des. there was someone from IBM who contacted me, asking me if i want to join their company. i told him i can’t quit my job right now but would be interested in a future IBM career. naks! tapos i asked him if i can just recommend a (japanese-speaking) friend instead. he said it’s very much welcome so i sent him des-chan’s CV and she got an interview sked the following day. hehe. des told me she liked the job being offered to her but she can’t accept it because of the expected 2-hour commute to the office. sayang talaga. pero at least she tried. i’m still helping her look for another job. sana magkatrabaho na rin sya.
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