kwentong kulangot at taghiyawat (at iba pa)

Posted on April 12, 2006


on my way to schatz’s last night, i was sandwiched between these two guys on the bus. una pa lang parang ayoko na umupo doon e. basta, i had that feeling. matino naman silang tignan and di mukhang mga magnanakaw or something. pero basta, i had a feeling that it was going to be an uncomfortable bus ride for me.

five minutes after the bus left the bus stop, the guy on the right started singing along (loudly) to the music on the radio. feeling american idol. in fairness, medyo tama ang lyrics. medyo lang. slight. ganon. the guy on the left, pa-demure effect kumanta. mahina lang.

then…this guy on the left started touching his pimples!! parang minamasahe isa-isa. e sus, ang dami nun e!! ano ba un, binibilang nya kung gaano karami at kung may nawawala? gusto kong hampasin ung braso nya at sabihing “hoy!! wag ganyan. lalong dadami yan!”. and besides, pano kung pumutok at tumalsik sa akin?? the horror!!

since demure effect sya, after ilang minuto ng pagmasahe sa taghiyawat, tumigil na sya. nakahinga ako ng malalim.

pero sandali lang kasi…

ung nasa kanan naman, si rockstar inxs, started picking his nose!! OMG!! sheeeeeettt! kadiri!!!! didn’t anyone tell him it’s uber rude to do that?? as in feel na feel pa ata ng lolo! tapos parang di sya matapos-tapos sa kanyang ‘household chores’ kasi di nalayo yung daliri nya sa ilong nya e. enjoy ba sya ng husto? ano ba un, may pabrika ng kulangot sa loob? eeeewwwww!

gusto ko na lumipat ng upuan pero wala na akong magagawa kasi puno na ang bus. tiis lang ako, and tried to put even the teeniest of space between myself and booger guy.

hay…what a relief to finally get off that friggin’ bus.


so…tuloy na talaga. james is also quitting. then yesterday morning, i learned from ina that another team lead is leaving. reg confirmed that it is christine. wow, 3 team leads leaving the group in one month! sobrang laki nga talaga ng offer ng iba pag talagang gusto ka no? well, sana naman wag na matuloy ito, kung sakali. parang kakatakot naman pag si christine pa yung umalis.

arol told me that she was offered more than 50% of her monthly salary. e san ka pa?? i told her to go for it. maganda ang company namin, pero it can only get you so far. arol needs to leave so she could get a finance-related job so she can easily make the transition when they finally move to oz. yun nga lang, mami-miss ko sya talaga…hay. kakainis. e kung umalis na rin ako?

oh well, that’s corporate life for you. the good thing about this is that a lot of people will have the chance to move up. i’m rooting for babes. God knows she deserves a promotion. but of course, i’m also considering applying for the TL jobs. why not? i got mostly ‘role model’ and ‘proficient’ marks on my last performance evaluation. bry himself said that he wants me to go for the recently vacated jobs. he thinks i’ve already exceeded the requirements of my current role and i need to move up to another role. well, i will sure try my darnest. ^_^


medyo naasar lang ako kanina sa office barkada ko before lunch. pano ba naman, nagyaya ng lunchout, rockwell daw. tapos wala pa palang alam kainan sa rockwell. hello? ang babagal pa naman nila kumilos tapos nakapa-indecisive. e mawawalan ka nga naman ng gana kumain pag ganon. buti na lang niyaya ako ni m mag-komoro soba. loooooooved my sukiyaki-don!!


am i the only one who thinks havaianas are overrated? parang ang OA kasi nung pila tuwing dumadaan ako sa havs store sa glorietta. the line is always snaking in the store. kala mo tuloy sale pero hindi pala. sabi nila kasi matibay daw, di madaling mapudpod at malambot sa paa. hmmm. all that for the average price of P800? no, thanks. you could get a nice comfy pair of shoes with P800. jologs na kung jologs, i’m still not convinced and i’m one of the “hav-not’s”. ^_^
finally! at least one of the priests at greenbelt gave a sermon on the gospel of judas!! thanks, father dave! well, according to him, the gospel of judas is the first heresy of the church. it is from gnosticism. as in, agnostic. he said that gnostics believe that salvation is only for the intelligent.

well, looking at it from another point of view…had judas not betrayed Jesus, will it still bring forth our salvation? will jesus have died on the cross for us, if the guards did not arrest him? it was part of God’s grand plan for our salvation, that this betrayal should happen. even Jesus knew of it for He told judas ‘whatever you have to do, do it quickly’.

just wondering…what happened to the gospel of peter? i thought he also had one. you’d think that because he is ‘the rock upon which Christ built His church’, you’d find his gospel in the bible too. why don’t we have it there with matthew, mark, luke and john?

these are just musings that entered my mind ever since i saw the national geographic docu. but i assure you, my faith in God still remains intact and i remain steadfast in Him. i love my Lord and i hope to serve Him with my life.

with that, ladies and gents, i wish you a blessed holy week! go to church, go to confession, reflect and pray.