brown is beautiful

Posted on April 26, 2006


last saturday, i was at chinatown with schatz and mommy. we went to this particular store because i wanted to get vitamin c. after i bought my vitamin c, the chinese lady in the store showed me a bottle of glutathione and said ‘ito pampaputi. ikaw puti agad.’

funny how most people have this general perception that everyone in the country wants to get fair skin. the thing is, our society has this notion that a girl is pretty if she is mestiza. that’s why we glorify artistas with fair skin like kris aquino, heart evangelista, lucy torres and anne curtis. ruffa mae quinto made it to ‘that’s entertainment’ because according to kuya germs, ‘maputi kasi sya’. doesn’t matter if a person has talent, ok na ang mestiza looks. that’s philippine showbiz for you.

BUT what about women like angel aquino, pia guanio, tweety de leon-gonzales and goodness,hindy weber-tantoco? you can’t call them ugly, can you?

why do so many pinays want to get whiter skin when westerners risk getting skin cancer by soaking up the sun?

i’ve been reading long forum threads on skin whitening on girl talk and it’s alarming how far girls would go to get whiter skin. one of the hottest things for sale on GT is gluta, which costs about P2,200 for 30 capsules. fyi, gluta is safe. it is actually an antioxidant and helps heal the body from inside. isa na sa effect nya yung whiter complexion. aside from gluta, there are the ubiquitous banji whitening soaps, kojic acid soaps, melika magic creams, amira magic creams (which reportedly has mercury), peeling oils, a bonne lightening products, savona soaps (as recommended by vicky belo), bleaching whatevers, lightening whatchamacallits and other whitening chuvaness.

please count me out. i’m very happy with the color of my skin, thank you very much…i’ve managed to even out the skin color on my limbs and now i look like i live on the beach. the only things of concern to me are how to get glowing skin and how to get rid of scars (from my childhood). i so love j-lo’s glowing (fake) tan. gusto ko tuloy sabihin dun sa chinese lady na yun ‘oo na, maitim na ko! pero di ibig sabihin, gusto kong pumuti noh?’ imbiyerna. wahaha!

of course, the white-or-dark-skin issue has been debated and exhausted so many times over and the conclusion is, beauty is subjective. you have the right to do whatever makes you feel beautiful. just keep it safe, healthy and sane. never abuse your body and your wallet in your quest for beauty.

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