jesus must be a hippie! ^___^

Posted on May 4, 2006


oh good Lord! thanks for saving bj and tyler’s necks twice!! i don’t know what i’d do if they were philiminated. thank goodness for NON-ELIMINATION LEGS. why don’t we all do a group hug and share that hippie lovin’?

i used to really hate non-els, especially during that AR season with flo the whiner and zach the saint. they were supposed to be gone after a certain leg but because it was a non-el, they were saved and went on to win a million dollars. i so hate that season!

…and then there were (still) four. hehe. four teams, that is. here’s what i think about each team:

bj and tyler (AKA the hippies) – i don’t know what i think about them ^_~ i LOVE this team to bits! they’re crazy, they love each other, they’re very nice to the locals, they make it a point to learn how to say ‘thank you’ or ‘where is this place’ in the country’s native language. big plus for them: tyler speaks japanese. anyone who speaks a foreign language immediately gets brownie points for me; anyone who speaks japanese immediately gets MORE brownie points from me. TTOW! i hope the hippies will be TTOW-ing their way to the pit stop, with the philiminator telling them they’ve won a million dollars.

joseph and monica (AKA team mojo AKA team frodo AKA team hobbit) – just lucky to be in the race for this long. good thing the hippies got to the yield mat first! in your face, team hobbit! with all the hippie lovin’ going on, team frodo became public enemy number 1.

ray and yolanda (AKA team warrick brown) – i like them. not as much as i like bj and tyler, though. they’re too boring to be big favorites but still likeable. what puzzles me is that, despite being very fit and athletic (check out yo’s gams!), they’re not getting a lot of first place finishes. except in tonight’s episode. which made me soooo happy! yay, they get a prize!

eric and jeremy (AKA frat boys) – true alpha males to the bone. i have a certain aversion to teams like this one and i don’t know why i don’t find them more interesting. sure, they have nice bods, as many people say (oi, i hate nipple rings!). and sure, they look cute (i beg to disagree). yet i find it hard to like them. i thought reichen and chip were more interesting, hehe.

cancelling other teams’ cabs is too low, even for the immortal rob mariano, but apparently not too low for these frat guys. and team frodo just snickering in the background. funny, instant karma bit back too soon. wahaha! sure, the hippies got their share of karma too (for yielding the hobbits) but they did apologize to mojo. this monica person is really getting to my nerves; saying ‘i hate the hippies’ every five minutes is annoying. people get it. so stop. NOW.

here’s a nice post i got (from the fort) about mojo:

colin & christie, rob & amber, jon & victoria, youve all been dethroned as masters of TAR asshatery in one fell swoop by mojo in the space of 2 episodes……….mama weaver & the spandex twins, better put down the twinkies and start praying cause team mojo looks set to rocket through the stratosphere of idiocy next week and whip out some majory asshatery of weaveresque purportions……….

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