shinkansen business center

Posted on May 9, 2006


just a heads up for jobhunters. just in case you come across this company’s ad in broadsheets or job websites, be informed that this is HERBALIFE, a multilevel marketing company selling health products like weight-loss pills.

according to people who actually believed the ads and went for interviews, shinkansen DOES NOT OFFER real jobs. they were just recruiting people for their networking business. too bad, the applicants even came in their best business attire. don’t be fooled! i hope they stop misleading people. maybe we can do something about this. report to DTI or whatever relevant government agency. how about saksi?!

read more of the girl talk discussion on this.

i did some google search on herbalife as well and found rob’s site. his site is a gold mine of information about this company and the way it conducts its MLM business. from his articles, i think he got wind of herbalife when he noticed all the plastic ‘work from home’ signs plastered all over his city. here’s a link to all the emails he received in 2003 regarding his articles on herbalife.