5 continents, 9 countries, more than 59,000 miles…

Posted on May 19, 2006


bj and tyler, you are the official winners of the amazing race! *breaks down with joy*

what a race! i was crying when i called up mara at work. then i stopped crying long enough to call arol too. what a brilliant season. thank goodness, TAR is redeemed after that very disappointing family edition. ratings, according to news, sunk to historic TAR lows after TAR8 ended. oh well, i guess the family edition totally lacked the excitement of the usual TAR format. but anyway, the hippies helped erased that by being the very first team to survive 2 NELs and win the million-dollar prize. TTOW!

i loved the japan leg, though i thought they could’ve done better with the ‘maiden’ detour. for sure, eric and germ-y were disappointed that the maiden they were carrying wasn’t as hot as they thought. gawd, the ‘maidens’ look like uhm, hookers…or fags. especially the one rayo got. and who was that guy in the harry potter scarf? they should’ve asked takuya kimura or shingo katori instead. hehe. but the ojiisan at the mat with phil looked so adorable. he looked like the old man everybody calls ‘おじいちゃん’ in every inaka. welcome to lake yamanaka, japan. ^_^

well, i don’t want to rub it in. but this is a vindication for the hippies. in your face, frats and mojo! and fyi. the frat brats (who aren’t really frat boys, btw) aren’t the strongest team ever on the amazing race. we have rob and brennan, colin and christie and (i’m saying this with grudge) rob and amber. to name a few.

and mojo…i don’t even wanna start with mojo! boo-hoo!

the final episode had so many brilliant and funny moments:

  • the salaryman telling yo that she looked like janet jackson (then they all do that weird karate kid-like gesture), to which yo replied ‘i’ll tell michael you said hey’. great one, yo!
  • hamarikyu gardens…i’ve been there! i loved the place. but they have squat toilets. nyak.
  • germ-y telling eric he was the captain of his high school swan boat club. hehe.
  • the toll gate guy slapping ray on the butt (good-naturedly)
  • the hippies biking through the busy tokyo streets while tyler shouts ‘変な外人です。ごめんなさい!’ cute.
  • bj needs to work on his japanese. i hate it every time he says ‘arigatou’ with that annoying american accent. comes out as ‘arigatow’. ugh. tyler, on the other hand, was pretty good! あゆみ has taught him well. ttow, あゆみさん!

anyway, here are my favorite TAR teams:

  • team cha-cha-cha (oh yeah!) – TAR2
  • john vito and jill (they deserved to win…more than flo)- TAR3
  • teri and ian (yes, i’m one of the few) – TAR3
  • ken and gerard – TAR3
  • the clowns (jon is NOT a clown. he is a human cannonball) – TAR4
  • chip and kim – TAR5
  • bowling moms – TAR5
  • gus and hera – TAR6
  • kris and jon (kris is just the complete opposite of the ‘ugly american’)- TAR6
  • uchenna and joyce – TAR7
  • the hippies (TTOW!) – TAR9
  • fran and barry (i’m always inclined to like the oldies every season, anyway. hehe. ) – TAR9

i didn’t see the whole TAR season 1 so i don’t have a favorite team. as for TAR8…well, i think i watched a total of 3 episodes. or less. that’s it.

TAR also had its share of controversial and uhm, interesting teams like flozach, freddy and kendra (the amazing racist), romber, colin and christie, reichen and chip. even if they are usually the most hated teams, they make TAR super interesting and fun to watch.

TAR is one of the only 3 shows i watch on tv (aside from csi and csi new york) and it was a fantastic 9th season. i’m just looking forward to TAR 10. i wonder when the all-star edition is going to happen.

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