On leave from the blogging world

Posted on July 12, 2006



I haven’t been blogging for more than 2 weeks now, I think. I’m still prioritizing Japinoy for now: making new threads everyday, inviting some members, etc. But we’re not yet going all out on the ‘promotion’ aspect. Schatz still needs to work on the Homepage content; I’m taking care of the forums content. Hopefully, the Homepage will be finished soon and we can already start inviting people from the Nihongo Center, PIJLC, Japan Foundation, Schatz’s embassy friends, people from university-based Japanese orgs…I’m just looking forward to that. ^_^

We do have quite a number of friends who have already joined, including a few from our NCF classes, some friends I made online, colleagues, ‘referrals’ from Emilyn…basta iba-iba. Excited na nga ako mag-invite na talaga pero di pa pwede yung sobrang dami ngayon. Siguro next week. Hehe.

Dow, I know you like anime…Please do join Japinoy. ^_^ Thanks Herb and Gev for joining! Looking forward to seeing more of you there! ^_^

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