Coming home to the blogging world

Posted on October 4, 2006


I so missed blogging! Can’t believe how rant-deprived I was during the past months. ^^;; But anyway, I know I still can’t blog regularly as I am still up to my neck in work. Hay. I don’t even know when this is going to end.

I must warn you, this is going to be quite a messy post. Maskipaps muna. Kahit anong pumasok sa isip ko ^_^

Mein Schatz is in Japan

Mommy and I sent him off on Monday, October 2nd. How I dreaded this day. でもしょうがないでしょう。仕事のことだから。He’s going to be in Tokyo for 3 months on a business trip. I’m always praying that he’ll be healthy and safe while in the land of the rising sun. Also, I’m praying that time will fly by really fast! I miss him and BB sooo much! We chat during mornings, then talk on the phone during evenings. That will do for now. God, I can’t wait for December.

UST wins UAAP crown!

I was in high school during UST’s 4-peat era. I was so proud of being a Thomasian then. But when I got to college, things were totally different and the Growling Tigers were actually ‘Whimpering Tigers’, as my friend Eilyn used to say. 😛

As I said in a forum post many weeks back, the UST community had very little to be happy for in the past years (talking about basketball). Actually, naging bukambibig na namin yung ‘ayan cheering na, mananalo na naman tayo‘ or ‘ayos, overall champs na naman‘ kasi nga, we sucked at basketball. ^_^

Actually, I predicted an Ateneo win (2-1) because Ateneo is obviously the stronger team. Did anyone even expect UST to enter the Final Four? Even my officemate G-dog from La Salle said ‘Wala ka bang tiwala sa sarili mong school?’ so I told him that I was just being realistic and that I was happy that UST made it this far. But you know what, I was very happy to be wrong. Coach Pido and the Tigers proved me wrong. Happy!

It’s not like I don’t have enough work…

Nadulas si Consuelo kahapon. She told me something I wasn’t supposed to know until Monday. That I was going to be assigned to work on APDS. That’s on top of Manila work and WorkExcellence. It’s not as if I’ve got lots of free time now! (Plus, there’s the J-things sideline Schatz and I have. But that’s another story) Seriously, I don’t know why they always pick me. I know I should be flattered that I’m being recognized and all. But the thing is, I don’t enough support from the others (i.e., proper training, orientation, etc.). Rose left for OZ without even orienting me on WE! So ngayon, nangangapa ako, audit season pa naman. My own team lead can only say “Kaya mo yan, kaya mo yan”. Salamat sa suporta.

Anyway, I think I’ll stop here for now. I just felt like writing today. I’ll write again tomorrow, or maybe in a couple of months!!