Slam book fever!

Posted on January 23, 2007


A couple of weeks ago during lunch time, I had a good laugh with Danj and Shey over one of our fondest childhood memories: the ubiquitous slam book. Who hasn’t heard of slam books? Who hasn’t signed one?? We were laughing because we remembered the ooky (and sometimes stupid) answers we put in there. Here we go down slam book memory lane (and oh, don’t deny you didn’t put down these answers!):

Phone number: 22nog2nog
Motto: Time is gold >> Because this is the shortest one. ^_^
Hobbies: PEDROS >> I never got around to deciphering this but my friends say, it stands for “Playing, eating, drinking, running, outing, swimming 😛
Friends: MTM >> short for “Many to mention”. As if you didn’t know!! This was a safe answer because you wouldn’t want to name names and risk forgetting to write down somebody’s and hurt his/her feelings.

Likes: friendly
Dislikes: plastic >> Which eventually evolved to “Tupperware”
Favorite book: Sweet Valley, Archie, Funny comics, Gospel comics
Favorite actor: Romnick Sarmienta and Robin Padilla were common favorites
Favorite actress: Sheryl Cruz, Aiko Melendez and other names I can’t even recall
Favorite singers: Lea Salonga was so popular then. ^_^
Favorite food: Chinese, Italian, American >> As kids, we loooove siopao, siomai, pansit, spaghetti, cake and ice cream. Hence, the answers. Hehe.
Favorite color: ROYGBIV >> Pa-impress pa.
What is love: Love is blind. Love is like a rosary that is full of mysteries >> Come on!
What is crush: Crush is ‘panghanga’ >> You don’t say!
Who is your crush: Common answers are “Secret” or some cutesy codenames like “Mr. Bogus”, “Superman”, “Cute eyes” and whatever sappy names we could come up with.
Who is your first love: Parents >> Wahaha!
Who is your first kiss: Parents >> Nyahaha!
Most embarrassing moment: Secret

And what is a slam book without ‘heartfelt’ dedications? Most of us usually started with Thank you for the opportunity to sign in your cute slam book because we wanted to sound cool and intelligent (Hey guys! I can spell “opportunity”!). The dedication usually ended with the extremely ‘cute’ abbreviations:

J – ust
A – lways
P – ray
A – t
N – ight

I –
T – rust
A – nd
L – ove
Y – ou

B – ooks
B – efore
B – oys

M – an
A – lways
R – emember
L – ove
B – ecause
O – f
R – omance
O – nly

Hekhekhek! Oh youth! Why don’t we all dig up our ancient slam books and laugh till our sides hurt?! ^_~