The clowns go marching in

Posted on February 14, 2007


I was never the type who likes to talk about politics. But this time, I think I should speak up…against Richard Gomez. This is one ambitious clown who should never be elected for public office.

Sure Richard, you are a good athlete. Sure, you are a popular actor. Popular actor, but not a good actor. Everybody in showbiz is popular anyway, so I don’t see how that makes a difference. Hehe. Popular TV host? Junie Lee commands more attention and respect than you do, and he used to be on late nights.

Btw, you suck at ‘Captain Barbell’! I cringed every time I saw you on TV, trying to act like a really mean villain. What a joke. You’re so wooden, I probably wouldn’t recognize you from the duhat tree growing in our backyard.

What makes you think you qualify as a senator? Puso? We all have one; I think my puso is even better than yours, but I didn’t feel like I have to have a political post. You want to serve the country? Ordinary people who are not legislators do that all the time; they didn’t have to be elected to extend their helping hands. Kelangan ba talagang nasa posisyong pulitikal bago ka makatulong sa kapwa tao? If that’s the reason, it’s stupid. Everyone can read through you; your showbiz career is at its sunset stage and you’re looking for a new ‘career’. You can’t convince us.

To all Pinoys who have the country’s best interest at heart, this is a challenge to you. Do you want to serve the country? Go out and vote in May. Please remember not to vote for Richard Gomez.

If you’re going to ask why you have to vote, why not read Jerv’s take on this? He said it so well. ^_^d

To quote Jerv:
For starters, PLEASE VOTE!!! Non-voters have no right to criticize… You ask yourselves why…

Edited 15 January 2007: I just found this hilarious blog about our favorite election clown. Go check it out! Richard Gomez sucks. ^_^

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