The Amazing Race All-star Edition begins tonight!

Posted on February 19, 2007


The long wait is over! TAR All-stars in on tonight. I’ll make sure to leave work early so I can hog the TV as early as 8pm. Harhar. Btw, to all those saying that Uchenna and Joyce shouldn’t belong to this edition because they already won, well, I’ve got news for you. This is Amazing Race All-stars, not AMAZING RACE ALL-LOSERS EDITION. ^_~

I found a boot order leaked from a site that mysteriously crashed after the list has been released.

*** SPOILER ALERT: Do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled ***

Bottom three:
11th: John Vito & Jill >> Noooo!
10th: Kevin & Drew
9th: Dave & Mary

Next four:
8th: Rob & Amber >> Awright! Still wishing Colin and Christie were there to bust Rob’s ass. However, reports say that Colin’s ox is still broken and he still couldn’t find a fix for it. Poor broken ox.
7th: Teri & Ian >> Nooo!
6th: Bill & Joe
5th: Uchenna & Joyce >> Sigh…I guess $1 million should be enough for that in vitro thingie, eh?

Final four:
4th: Danny & Oswald >> Yeah, Cha-cha-cha!
3rd: Charla & Mirna
2nd: Dustin & Kandice >> Yesh! They didn’t win again. Sorry, not a big fan of these girls. I have a thing against beauty queens and beauty pageants.
Winners: Eric & Danielle >> Hmm…their hook-up during their own season paid off ^_^

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