Bad trip na kaklase

Posted on March 20, 2007


Have you ever had a friend whom you do not have regular contact with re-appear in your life after a looooong silence and asks you for a loan?? Well, I have! We have. Teta and I were talking over the phone last night over our HS classmate (in UST-EHS) who suddenly visited her house with another one of our classmates.

Apparently, this guy C needs the money for his wife’s operation and O was there with him. They told Teta that they have been to some of our classmates already but they still needed more money for the wife.

Kainis! Why do I feel like we are being obliged to lend him some? Ganun din ba kadali singilin kapag kailangan na namin ng pera? Bakit parang napaka-righteous naman ata ni Toyo? Hoy Toyo, magtigil ka nga sa kakaepal mo, nakakainis ka.

Hay buhay nga naman…

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