Japan wave in Korea troubling for some

Posted on April 17, 2007


Japan wave in Korea troubling for some
Source: J!-Ent News

In a recent article on Chosun, the article is about how some experts feel troubled byKorean companies purchasing rights for Japanese manga and novels for stories to be remade into Korean dramas.

According to the article, “Experts say the Korean entertainment industry’s dependence on Japanese pop culture will increase because the Japanese novel and manga markets are popular around the world. According to the Korean Publishing Research Institute, as of 2006 the size of the Korean novel market was no more than W203 billion, while that of Japanese market stood at W724.3 billion. The gap for the manga markets was even greater, with the Japanese market (W4 trillion) some 40 times bigger than the Korean market (W124.2 billion).”

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