I got my Nintendo DS Lite!!!

Posted on June 17, 2007


I got my pink DS, woohoo!! Aside from the console, I also bought a Mario Kart DS game yesterday…my very first DS cartridge. Now I hope I can get better at driving this DS game than driving the arcade version. Hehe. I didn’t have Gail-san’s cellphone number; I wanted to text her that I got my DS. I know she has a GBA, and several games I want to borrow. We were talking about games and consoles in class yesterday and she was surprised I like games (meaning, she finally found something else we could talk about, save for Nihongo ^_~). I told her all about the Kanken and now, she wants to get a DS too. Talk about 2 nerds on the same wavelength.
Anyway, I’m saving up for some more games I wanted to get. Of course, the new Super Mario Bros is already in the list, plus Cake Mania and Diner Dash. I want to get the Kira Game soon too.
Gyaaaa! I hope I don’t end up a pauper when this year ends. ^_^