User-friendliness is not dead

Posted on July 16, 2007


I really wonder how some people can get away with user-friendliness, how they can be downright in-your-face and still have the gall to be friendly and all. has been around for a little over a year now, and while we do not claim that we are already an authority for things Japanese, we do work hard on providing correct and updated information. We scour many sources online and otherwise to get as much accurate information as possible. We also try to put in original articles and content regularly. We do that for the benefit of members, to foster their Japan-related interest and to help spread knowledge about the country in general.

Yet some people use Japinoy to make themselves look smart online. They get the content from our site, then blog about it and not even give a bit of credit to Japinoy. Talk about asses.

And the Visa section! Come on, our dear Admin used to work for the Japanese Embassy in Manila, and obviously is an authority in Japanese visa matters. And has a mother who is equally knowledgeable in legal and visa issues. Then you get asses who log on, ask questions about visas, then post the answers on other forum sites without credit to

I hate them so much. Instant karma’s gonna get you, *******.

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