Gobo maki bento (17 March 2008) – the overdue bento

Posted on April 10, 2008


This was my baon for March 17th. I can’t believe I freaking forgot to post. Almost a month, sheesh. Anyway, for this bento, the main star is gobo maki! Gobo maki is a fishcake roll (maki, as in ‘roll’ or ‘rolled) stuffed with gobo or burdock root in the middle. Gobo maki is a common ingredient in shabu-shabu/nabe/hot pot and is usually boiled or steamed. In this bento, I fried the gobo maki and cut them into bite size pieces. I prefer frying it so it does not taste like rubber (though frying is less healthy, of course). Gobo maki, surprisingly, is quite cheap. I got this in Hatchin Kamagong for P30 a pack. I think it was 5 or 6 rolls in one pack. Must get some soon.

1. Gobo maki on a bed of plain steamed rice. – The gobo maki tastes good by itself. No need for dipping sauces.
2. Curry korokke (curry-flavored potato croquette, deep fried) on a bed of lettuce. (Or was it pechay Baguio? I think the veggie was left over from the taco dinner we had over the weekend) – On top of the korokke is a small amount of tonkatsu sauce (Bulldog, of course). Curry korokke is P12 each, also at Hatchin. Regular korokke is also P12, I think.
3. Gobo maki again – Used as space/gap fillers
4. Some veggie/fruit preserve I don’t recognize – Got this in Hatchin as well. They have a 3-for-P100 promo for various food stuff, and Schatz got a handful of those. I didn’t like this very much. Too salty, with a weird texture.
I really should get a better camera! My pics are all crappy. Yeah, my phone cam is crappy…plus I don’t have natural lighting at my apartment, because I live in an inner unit.

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