The Weasley twins are HAWT!!

Posted on September 24, 2008




It was an early Sunday morning when I got this text from my friend, Arol: “cat, nakita ko weasley twins. hehe.”
Gassss, that jolted me out of my sleep!! I was like, ang swerte naman!!!! Talk about being at the right place at the right time! Arol was sent again to London for work, and I think she was dreading the fact that she will be away again for about 2 months. But when she got there, she and a friend had some time to go sightseeing in London and coincidentally, it was also the Thames Festival.

According to Arol in her Multiply blog: It’s Thames Festival from Sept. 13-14 here in London and there are a lot of events going on in between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge for 2 days.  One of them is this BBC-sponsored “CBBC Me and My Movie” where you can meet the stars giving hot film-making tips or sharing their experiences.

I wanted to die with envy! I texted back that she should let me know right away if and when she sees Dan Radcliffe and I demand pictures! Ampogiiiii nilaaaa!!! (And to just drive home the fact that I never really see lots of hotness around, the last celeb I saw was Gabby Concepcion at SM Marikina. Not that he’s not hot — but come on, you know what I mean! I really should see Equus in the future…)

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