Looking back at my JLPT moments

Posted on January 6, 2009


I told myself that I will take the JLPT 1kyuu exam this year, no matter what. Although the original goal is to pass 1kyuu in 2010 (the year of my 30th birthday), I might as well have a go at it this year. I mean, there’s really nothing much to lose, and Kouchou-sensei has already promised to free me of 1 Saturday class once the review class begins so I can join. My boyfriend has been nagging me about it, telling me he bought all those books in Japan just for me, blah blah blah. We had the same conversation over the weekend, too.

No excuses.  No proctoring this year. No more late nights with J-doramas, and back to reading Kanji handouts in the train. 😦 Some old pictures to ‘inspire’ me…my former 2kyuu review class!! I couldn’t find that one we took at DLSU; we were all present in that pic.

From left: Kent, Homer, John, Joy, Mojica-sensei, me desu, Grace, Elaine



From left: Schatz, Homer, Kent/Mayor Lim, me desu, Elaine, Grace

The first pic was taken the day before the exam; I remember we were cramming until 6pm. Schatz was missing — he had to leave earlier because of some errand. Of course, he wasn’t Schatz then. I couldn’t even remember his name right. To me, he was just “Embassy Boy” (in reference to his former workplace). The second pic was taken at Sushiya, Robinson’s Place Manila after the exam. This time, Joy was missing from the pic & I don’t know where she went.

This is it, pansit! 1kyuu year has begun!!