Bento #30: Happy bear obento

Posted on February 10, 2009


Baby bear!

Baby bear!

For lack of a better title 😀 Lately, I’ve been trying to distance myself from cutesy obento — just to make my lunch more “age-appropriate”, so to speak. However, sometimes, I really can’t help it. Old habits die hard, I guess…and the habit might not die at all, as evidenced by my recent purchase of yet another accessory set for kids’ bento. >.<

Anyway, this is bento #30, and the amount of carbs obviously indicates that this is not for me. Hehe. It’s for my boyfriend! Yep, a bear bento in a pink lunchbox for my boyfriend. I hope they don’t tease him at work 😛

I have tons of pork floss (“mahu” in Chinese) — that brown thing that makes up the bear face (the same thing they use for the insanely popular floss breads at Bread Talk). I bought some from Aji Ichiban (P200 per 100 grams) and Jane gave me lots for Christmas (and a huuuuge pack of nori); I have so much and I didn’t know what to do with them. Then I realized pork floss looks like fur & idea struck me. I have a bear onigiri shaper, and I have something that looks like fur — why not make a bear? I originally wanted to do an onigiri bear, but realized it will be too difficult to eat, since it’s like…eating a real animal or something.  The mouth and eyes were made from nori; I used the nori puncher I got off Ebay.

Main dishes are chicken cordon bleu (store-bought, of course) and lumpiang shanghai (spring roll or harumaki). In the green silicon cup, I have sweet peas sauteed in a bit of oil and tomato wedges, which I sprinkled with a bit of Knorr liquid seasoning. For side “okazu” & space fillers, I used kani sticks, chikuwa and a hotdog ball.

When I have more time, I will try to experiment more with pork floss and see what other “creatures” I can come up with — but until then, I hope these things don’t go stale on me. Given my poor record in “pantry & refrigerator management”, it will be months before I’d even think of using them.  >.<

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