Bento # 31: Sardine spaghetti and longganisa bento

Posted on February 15, 2009


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As a pasta lover, I have been experimenting with various sauces for pasta. Red only, of course (not a fan of white). One very simple recipe I found in the net called for sardines in tomato sauce. I happened to have one sleeping in the cupboard and decided to try it. It was good! No-frills, fail-safe recipe — great for days when you don’t want to make something complicated.

Just saute the sardines in a little oil, add salt and pepper to taste. Toss in cooked pasta and you’re done.

The picture on the right contained leftover spaghetti, which I put in a microwaveable silicon cup (because I don’t want my spaghetti all over the place). The other sources of carbs are the salted rice onigiri. The cube ones were made using the cuber I got from Ebay. Topped the cubes with pork floss for a bit of color. The ball-shaped one is decorated with nori strips.

Next time, I need to make smaller cubes, because these are a little too big; shoved one into my mouth and had a hard time chewing because of the amount of rice.

The main “okazu” (dish) for this bento are longganisa (sausage) patties. I removed the meat from the casing, and formed it into small patties. Fried as usual. When done this way, I think it’s the perfect size and shape for obento. Also, you are sure that the meat is cooked through, because there is no more casing.

For more variety of flavors, I put in a kani stick, spring roll and a chikuwa. I also had a fair amount of veggies: kabocha nimono, broccoli, baby-cut carrots (not baby carrots, haha!) and sweet peas.

Somehow, I really love this bento. The colors are quite attractive, if I may say so myself.

PS: Just linked my Flickr account to this blog. I just realized that it was still linked to my old Blogger blog, which I’ve stopped using since last year. Saves WP space on photos 🙂

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