Counting down to the next anniversary

Posted on March 30, 2009


Less than 2 months to go before the 3rd anniversary of — I know it’s quite early to think about that, with the upgrade in the works and all. But looking at the anniversary pictures got me really excited.

Last year, we celebrated Japinoy’s 2nd birthday at Astoria Plaza in Ortigas with Nihongo and gestures demo, kimono wearing, chienowa challenge, kendama challenge and the first ever Wii Tennis tournament. I forgot some of the other mini-activities we had that day, but what I could not forget was how fun it was to just be with everyone, meet new people I only know online, talk and get to know each other, laugh ourselves silly.

Here is a commemorative pic, after the Wii Tennis tournament. This is the, uhm, losers challenge. sentai superheroes (and a penguin)! sentai superheroes (and a penguin)! From left: me, blake-san (MJ-kun's cousin), penguin Noe-san (she says she's Ironman, but I think she looks more like a penguin), Jules-san, MJ-kun, Jed-san

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