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Posted on June 5, 2009


I am only one of the thousands who are now going ‘organic’ with skin care. It was around this time last year that I heard of the Leyende brand (I know, I’m such a late bloomer) and I was intrigued not only by the raves but also the product names. For example, No Rumple Silk Skin Butter and the Taming of the Do conditioner. Very, very nice and these piqued my curiosity so I got a few items from their Multiply store. If I remember correctly, I got the following:

– Kiss Kiss Balm Balm – in Strawberry and Appletea. I got both variants because they were on promo that month.
– Clean Slate facial cleanser
– Face Canvas moisturizer

Since then, I was hooked. I’ve tried a lot of their products and loved almost all of them. Since it’s my first year Leyende anniversary, I decided “commemorate the event” with my own reviews 🙂

Kiss Kiss Balm Balm –  Php 200/15g. Pure 100% organic grade A beeswax. No parabens, no hardeners, no petroleum-based ingredients. In Appletea and Strawberry variants.
Review: I initially loved how cool the balm felt on my lips. Also, it is colorless with a bit of a sheen, which is perfect for days when you just want healthy looking nude lips. Unfortunately, I don’t like the smell and taste of this. It also does not stay long on the lips, so I decided to put it in my makeup kit for touch-ups.
Will I buy it again? No. I’ve found better lip products.


Clean Slate – Php 325/100ml. Multitasking face cleanser and make-up remover in one tube. Gentle even for sensitive skin.  Made from organic beemilk (royal jelly) with pineapple extract, this facial concoction makes washing up such a pleasure!
Review: I use mineral makeup…and as MMU lovers know, MMU is a bit difficult to remove. I tried to use Clean Slate to remove my MMU after a long day…but sadly, it did not do well enough. I feel that as a makeup remover, it does not live up to its name. But as a regular facial cleanser, this would do.
Will I buy it again? No. Virgin coconut oil is more effective and waaaaay cheaper!


Face Canvas – Php 450/60g. Mango butter from India serves as the base for this deliciously non-greasy moisturizer. Perfect for tropical or cold weather, Face Canvas locks moisture in and stays put along with your make-up. With organic bearberry extract. And now with added carrot extract!
Review: My first impression: I am in love with the smell!! Leyende’s best product, IMHO. It is not greasy at all, perfect for people with very oily skin but also good for those with dry/combination skin (like me). It absorbs easily, but because I am in love with this, I really take my time massaging it into my face. A few minutes after applying, my face feels really supple and soft.
Will I buy it again? YES! I am actually on my 4th tub already.


No Rumple Silk Skin Butter (Norte) – Php 380/150ml. All of the silkiness, none of the bothersome grease. Hand-mixed, organic shea butter softened with fresh, pure grade A beeswax and organic goat milk.
Review: My 2nd Leyende love! Just like Face Canvas, No Rumple Silk Skin Butter smells like heaven. Feels like heaven too! One time I asked my boyfriend to pick up my Leyende stuff at their boutique. That night, I stayed over at his house…he caught me with my nose inside the jar. He snatched the jar out of my hands and told me “No more sniffing for tonight!”. What the…he made it sound like I’m an addict!  OK, guilty as charged. Just one con on this item: This is a bit expensive, so I only use this on my hands.
Will I buy this again: Yes! I used up 5 jars already.


Will review more Leyende items in another post!

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