New addiction: Japanese skincare

Posted on August 3, 2009


I’d like to think I have nice skin. Not uber nice, but OK-nice. I do have some overactive pores around my nose, and I get the occasional zit or two. I don’t have to rely on a lot of cosmetics to hide flaws and I am not very sensitive to products. Still, I do take good care of my skin. I have a strict cleansing, moisturizing and massaging regimen at night and I religiously put on suncreen daily. I did start with sunscreen a little late in life, but my skin is thanking me for it. I dumped all my talc-based cosmetics and switched to mineral makeup. I discovered emu oil and the many wonders it can do to my skin, and it is now an integral part of my nightly skincare regimen.

But for the past few weeks, I’ve been more conscious of the real and perceived effects of my different skincare products. Blame it on Morita-san and the constant presence of her outrageously beautiful skin. Eversince I met her at school, I would always find myself stealing glances at her skin. Her face is even-toned all over, and her alabaster skin is just glowing. Even Violy-sensei was curious, because I caught her asking Morita-san the brand of cosmetics and skincare products she was using. It was Orbis. Hehe. The day after, I Googled ‘Orbis’ and tried to find Ebay sellers.

The weeks following that, I made several more searches on Japanese skincare and found a book by Saeki Chizu: The Japanese Skincare Revolution. Apparently, Saeki-san is a very famous aesthetician in Japan. She runs a beauty clinic, and often appears in TV and print. I read about her techniques and advice on skincare, and that was all I need to purchase her book. Haha! Currently, it is on its way here. Get here soooooon…!

Saeki Chizu Yume Mihada (Dream Skincare)

Saeki Chizu Yume Mihada (Dream Skincare)

Then, by accident, I found a software for the Nintendo DS and it is called: Saeki Chizu Yume Mihada (or ‘Dream Skincare’). Of course, since it has the ‘Saeki Chizu’ name on it, I had to have it right away. OK, I admit I only have the ROM. I am still testing it. Once I am done with the 7 days-regimen, I will see if I still have to buy the original from

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