Japinoy.com down

Posted on August 5, 2009


Not ‘down’ as in ‘Black Hawk Down’ down. Just temporarily down, because some idiot in the service provider f*cked up big time. As of this writing, the site has been down for more than 30 hours already. Really, really bad. I know that some of our members and friends are anxiously waiting for the site to go back up. Schatz told me yesterday that many went on a YM conference, obviously because they are missing the presence of their Japinoy buddies. MJ even texted me last night to say that he is having a withdrawal syndrome. I understand the feeling! You just can’t stay away from Japinoy for a long time. 😦 Especially now that a lot of the members are addicted to the ongoing Ninja Conquest game. 😛 I am, too. It’s just too bad that I can only watch (and heckle) because I’m an admin.

The kill is waiting me…ok. The wait is killing me…please, please solve the problem already!

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