Hello, 29th!

Posted on August 9, 2009


Happy birthday to me! Actually, I don’t officially turn 29 until 8PM of August 9th, but whatever. 29th on the 9th. As Morita-san put it: 最後の20代。 Harhar. 😛 I’m quite happy that my 28th year has been a very fulfilling one. In all aspects. I’ve learned a lot and matured a lot and I am just happy that the past year has been fruitful for me. Another year older, another year of blessings and challenges and everything in between. With God’s grace, I know my 29th will be just as good (or even better) than my last. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. ^_^ (And I hope and pray that Ogata-sensei will stop bringing up the subject of marriage every single time we meet >_<)

Today, I got some really nice presents:

誕生日にHello Kitty!

誕生日にHello Kitty!

See, I have a lovely Hello Kitty birthday haul! 😀 Nag-usap usap ba sila?? 😛

The uber cute Kitty and Daniel dolls were from Tesha-san. Dear Tesha-san, thank you so much for making me smile. 🙂


The rest of the items are from my Nihongo Center teachers and colleagues. A Kitty bento box, a Kitty mirror and a Kitty NDS cover. Woot!

Kaya pala kino-confirm ni Joy-san kung may DS daw ako. Kala ko bibigyan nila ako eh. Asa masyado! 😛 I really love my Nihongo Center family (except one :P), and I want to be with them forever.

Tomorrow, I’m going on a birthday lunch with my family, Schatz and his mom. It was his mom’s birthday on Friday so we’re going to have a double celebration. Can’t wait!

The married couple + ringbearer!

The married couple + ringbearer!