Suzukaze Mayo, Sakai Noriko and Yada Akiko

Posted on August 10, 2009


I’ve been a little behind on Japanese showbiz for the past month or so. Today, I was browsing through the showbiz news and 3 things caught my attention:

  1. Sakai Noriko – arrested for drug use. Aww…who would have thought..she had such a pure, innocent image and I know that even after marriage, she still had a large fanbase because of that image. For days, she was trying to elude authorities, but turned herself in after making sure her son was safe. She surrendered at Tokyo’s Wangan Police station — ‘Wangan’ as in “Odoru Daisousasen” Wangan!! Apparently, the police station was built according to the style/architecture featured in the dorama. This I must see! I first saw Noripi in the series “Seija no Koushin” where she played the role of the angel-faced teacher, Hagawa Momo. Sad that things have turned out like this for her…
  2. Suzukaze Mayo – rumoured to be having an affair with a younger colleague and is about to divorce her husband. Many fans would know her as the seiyuu for Kenshin in ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ & my respect for her did a level up when I learned she is from Takarazuka Revue!! (Other favorites Takarazuka stars are Kuroki Hitomi and Daichi Mao).
  3. Yada Akiko – recently divorced her husband. The reasons for the divorce were his philandering, differences in their values, and of course, his drug abuse problems. I am currently watching her in ‘Shiroi Kyoto’ (Saeko-san) but I ‘fell in love’ with her in ‘Last Christmas’ (OK, I fell in love with Oda Yuji but had a crush on her.)

And yes, I ‘study’ showbiz news for my December exam!! While I like economic-related news, it does get pretty boring. And I never read Japanese politics! I do pick up a lot of useful words and phrases from online ‘tabloids’ which I will never encounter in my textbooks like: “crime of public indecency” and “adulterous relationship”. Hehe. I doubt they will appear in a serious exam like the JLPT, but who cares?? 😀