Friday Funnies – 14 August

Posted on August 14, 2009


I have a collection of silly and funny forwarded emails, and I keep the really good ones in a special folder in my office inbox. The one below is from none other than frequesnt email ‘spammer’ MJ! Today, he sent another one about Inday and Dodong. I replied back , gave him a link and told him CHONA MAE wins over Inday-Dodong any time!

I miss Chona Mae…:(

Only a few of the below are very funny…the others sound very, very corny but posting them all anyway.


The Top 43 Misheard Lyrics

1. George Benson’s Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You: “Nothing’s gonna change my love for you, you know naman my love how much I love you…” – Wahahahahaha! Pakshet!

2. Billy Joel’s I Love You Just The Way You Are: “Jong jong jing jing…to try and please me…”

3. Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog: “You ain’t nothing but a hotdog, catsup all the time…”

4. Leavin On A Jet Plane: “Kiss me and smaffle me, tell me that you’ll wait for me…” – SMAFFLE FTW!

5. Ticket To Ride : “She’s got a chicken to ride…”

6. “On the 12th day of Christmas my tuna century…”

7. Rico Mambo: “Aray ko mambo, aray ko mambo yeah…”

8. “Killing me softly with his thong…”

9. Phil Collins’ One More Night: “One monay, gimme just one monay…”

10. Tina Arena’s Burn: “Do you wanna eat a poet…with rice…”

11. Michael Jackson’s I Just Can’t Stop Loving You: “I just can’t taft avenue…”

12. Greatest Love of All: “I decided long ago, never to walk with Edu Manzano…” – Why not??

13. Basil Valdez’ Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo: “Kung ako’y…ihian mo…”

14. Crazy For You: “Trying hard to control my fart…”

15. Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time: “My only nest is killing me…”

16. Sheena Easton’s Telefone: “London distance love affair, whoa…”

17. Chris Brown’s With You: “I need your boobs…I gotta see you boobs…”

18. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come, berting, berting, berting!”

19. “Starry starry night…paint your panty blue and grey…”

20. Could This Be Love: “Kutis bayag…or just a memory of the two of us together…”

21. “Put your egg on my shoulder…”

22. Ang Huling El Bimbo – “Kamukha mo si…batwoman…”

23. River Maya’s Liwanag Sa Dilim: “Isabaw mo sa kanin ang ihi ng kambing…ikaw ang liwanag sa dilim…”

24. Nandito Ako: “Nanghipo ako, umiibig sa yo…”

25. JLo’s Let’s Get Loud: “Get set loud, get set loud!”

26. Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl – “Rectangle…she’s been living in a rectang-world…”

27. Alanis Morrissette’s You Oughtta Know: And I’m here to remind you of the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me…”

28. Air Supply: “Makin love…automatic na relo…automatic na relo…”

29. P. Diddy’s Last Night: “Last night…I couldn’t even get to EDSA…”

30. “I can’t live…if Lebanese without you…I can’t live…”

31. “Why do you giddyap, buttercup baby when you let me down…”

32. Beauty and the Beast: “Tell us all the time…”

33. JLo: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks talaga…used to have a little now nawawala…”

34. Whitney Houston: “One moment inside…”

35. Rihanna’s Disturbia: “Vam Vampira, Vam Vam Vampira…”

36. David Archuleta’s Crush: “Why do I keep running from the tarush…”

37. Eraserheads: Ang Huling El Bimbo: “Kamukha mo si…Barracuda…”

38. “Mahal kita, walang iba, paniwalaan mo sana ako, shit ka…”

39. “Would you like to ride…in my beauty pulburon…”

40. Roxette’s It Must’ve been love: “Masakit love…but it’s over now…”

41. One Republic’s Apologize: “It’s too late to have a child…it’s too late…”

42. Pump Up The Jam: “Pokpok si Gem…”

43. Beyonce’s Irreplaceable: “Chuvalens, chuvalens, everything you own in the box chuvalens…”