Chizu Saeki: The Japanese Skincare Revolution

Posted on August 20, 2009


Chizu Saeki's very first book in English

Chizu Saeki's very first book in English

Oh yeah, I have it!!! We picked up this book from National Bookstore Glorietta on Sunday. I placed a special order since they don’t have any in stock. Waiting time for such orders is usually 3-4 weeks, and I did get mine after 3 weeks flat. Really, really good customer service for National Bookstore: two thumbs up! b^_^d Before National, I went to Fully Booked but I was told that they can get the book for me, but cannot commit to the time. It might even take as long as 3 months. Huh? I didn’t quite understand their policy but I don’t care. National has never failed me with special orders, anyway, so no point in going to other bookstores. Hehe. I’ve ordered from them several times in the past, like for my Living Language German pack, a German dictionary and that programming book that is not being sold here. I just want other people to know how good the service is at National, hehe.

So anyway. The book. While I was waiting for it, I was already using my DS software version of this so I kinda knew 90% of the book. I did enjoy reading through it (yup, I’ve finished reading) and was pleased to learn the ENGLISH equivalents of all those confusing terms used in the software. Haha.

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