Skin Fasting

Posted on September 20, 2009


At the mention of fasting, I recall images of Holy Week — fasting and abstinence. I did not know that you could also do the same thing to your skin. 😀

What is skin fasting?

According to Japanese beauty guru Saeki Chizu, skin fasting is the ultimate care for your skin. It is giving your skin time to regenerate on its own by not using cosmetics and skincare products for a whole day. She says “The skin has the ability to cleanse itself without loads of pampering, so every once in a while, help your skin recuperate by letting it be.”

If it’s Saeki-sensei, I’m all for it! 😀 But kidding aside, I think it makes sense. When I was in college, I never put anything on my face during summer vacation, when I’m always inside the house. I’ve noticed that my skin was always radiant and blemish-free.

I’ve been meaning to try this ever since I read that in her book. An additional explanation in the DS game said that if you are not going out of the house the following day (say Sunday), just cleanse your face on Saturday night and sleep without putting on anything. But for the past month (and 2 weeks), I always had to go somewhere on a Sunday so I really have to put on skincare prods the night before and never got around to “fasting my skin” until tonight.

So far, so good. I’m not feeling anything weird with my face. I’m excited to see how my skin feels like when I wake up at — oh, 3pm tomorrow 🙂

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