Staying hopeful and positive

Posted on October 27, 2009


The past months has seen me in deep depression, due to some very personal problems. Schatz and I are experiencing a very rocky period in our relationship and for the past weeks, I was just walking around in a daze. Like a zombie. Or on autopilot, no longer thinking. I have lost a lot of weight, and my body was showing signs of emotional stress.

After this hellish period, we went to church together last Sunday, talked and patched things up. Unfortunately, I learned of more things that have added more hurt and bitterness. We’re still coping — we keep on fighting over things, while trying to resolve them at the same time. It’s stupid, I know. But at least we’re trying.

Fast forward to one week after >> The past few days were a lot better, though. We’re talking more now, less bickering. We’re making a lot of plans together, like our much-awaited quality time this weekend over at my place — time to just be together as a couple and make up for lost time. Plans to book some R&R at our favorite facial care centre (yeah, I have a kikay boyfriend), movie dates, trips to our favorite game centers. We’re also talking about big plans like buying a house together, and leaving the country to work overseas.


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