10 days to go…

Posted on December 12, 2009


It’s been a week since Schatz left for Sydney for some training with a client.  Thank God for his cousin who gave him internet access. Brilliant 4-star hotel does not have free wi-fi 🙂 We chat via YM every night, and sometimes he calls me up — which I thought was really sweet because I know it’s not very cheap (and I can’t access Skype at work).

Today, he sent me some pics of his day out with his colleagues — they went to Ocean World then to Sydney Observatory. I was actually telling him yesterday to go out sightseeing. I think he was originally planning to stay the entire time inside the hotel, working Japinoy.  He deserves to have a bit of fun! I’ll take care of the site while he is away. Tomorrow, he’s having lunch with his aunt’s family.

His cousin has his own flat and lives with his girlfriend. Then we sort of talked about us moving in together but that’s impossible since he lives with his mom here. But when we do move to Singapore or Sydney or wherever, we will have that chance 😀 We’ve talked about migration, and hopefully, we’ll start that process next year. 🙂

I can’t believe he’s coming home in ten days! And just in time for Christmas too. I won’t be able to pick him up at the airport, unfortunately, because no one’s going to cover for me at work. Maybe he’ll make me sleep over again, which is the best option. I’m so excited!

Only ten more days to go! ❤

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