Cat and Elvin, circa 2004

Posted on December 16, 2009


I was browsing through old posts and came across this one from late 2004:

elvin promised to go to violin class with me next year. i was surprised he remembered that i wanted to buy a violin. but i was more surprised that he didn’t know what j-music meant!

Hahaha, that one!  In one of his earliest letters (yes, as in a letter handwritten on paper — much much more special than an email) to me after we became a couple, he told me that our shared interest for learning the violin is one of the reasons he got attracted to me. 😀 Then the tacos. Then my laugh. My laugh? Haha. He described it as: WHOA. In all caps too. ^_^

I remember the boy…the Embassy boy 😛

Just mere weeks after we were official, our friend Jimmy-san gave us the nickname Calvin. Same as Bennifer and Brangelina. 😀 Haha, since then, the nickname stuck and we’ve been using that ever since. ^_^

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