Japinoy.com Party – 16 January 2010

Posted on January 20, 2010


For lack of a better title 😉

It was a fun, fun, fun Saturday at Dan’s house, where we had a joint birthday celebration of 4 people – Dan, Tim, Carlo, Ed (December) + a going-away party for MJ and Lana. A day filled with singing, eating, drinking, laughing, joking, talking, heckling (!) — just simply having fun with a big group of friends. Schatz and I got there a little past 8pm; we still went to SM Megamall to meet my father, then attended the anticipated mass, then went to St. Francis for some pirated DVDs 😀 Also, we got lost on the way because Dan’s directions were a little vague, pfft.

Anyway, the food was GREAT! My hats off to whoever made it, especially the one with tofu…argh, dapat mahingi kay Dan ang recipe…>_< And the drinks! I am not too crazy with room temp vodka, haha. But the orange-vodka (orange? pineapple?) from the jug was wonderful, so thanks to whoever made it. I’m sure it was one of the boys.

Cinderellas Tesha-san and Jen were already gone by the time we got there, sorry I missed that. We have a lot of catching up to do. >_< Still, I got my share of updates (even the latest goss) about my friends in the forum. I enjoyed myself immensely and I am looking forward to the next one!!

Some things I realized in that event:

  • That Jam-san is a good singer
  • That oasis-san is an even better singer
  • That Jed has guuuurl problems 😛
  • That Maan’s bf is a bottomless pit 😛
  • That whatever pounds Eki-chan lost, Lara-chan seem to have gained! 😛 Joke lang, JOKE!
  • That Carlo’s ex really despised Amuro Namie — kasi naman no!

And a lot more things…but I won’t post them here anymore. 😉

Pics from the event, copied from Carlo C’s Facebook album:

My adik idols, Dards and Chibs XD

Cute "4 eyes" pic! Sayang, wala kami ni Schatz dito...

Sailor Neptune and Sailor UranusMay iba na agad jowa si MJ!

Il Bacio

Our "red carpet" arrival, hehe

Raaaaaaaape....me. Hahahahaha.

Parang bading si Jed!!

Ang taba mo, Jed! 😛


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