Japanese beauty secrets

Posted on February 5, 2010


I’ve always admired the Japanese for their fresh, glowing skin. I have been meticulous about my skincare routines, but somehow, my skin is still not as supple and dewy as I want it to be. But I made a vow that I’m going to really stick to my Chizu Saeki-style skincare and use tried-and-tested Japanese skincare products and supplements. 😛 Just this week, I came across this video from Oprah’s website — it’s all about Japanese beauty secrets, so obviously, I was intrigued.

Hail the secret beauty weapon!

After watching the video, I immediately bought myself a can of Meiji Amino Collagen drink, hahaha. According to the video, collagen supplements are very popular in Japan. These come in different forms – powder, tablets and liquid. The vid featured Meiji Amino Collagen, which is in powder form. You just take one spoonful of it and mix it with any liquid: water, juice, tea, coffee, milk, soup. One tablespoon contains 5,000mg of collagen and is enough for one day.

Another not-so-secret secret is…nightingale droppings! Yep, bird poop on your face. And expensive poop at that. The poop has been treated with radiation (?) so it is free from bacteria 😉 Apparently, even Western celebs like the Beckham couple swear by bird poop facials. Yesh. I won’t try it for now, it’s a little expensive and I have gone over my budget for 2 months already. >_<

Aside from the Meiji powder, I also got this popular supplement called DHC Nameraka Smooth. It is one of DHC’s best selling supplements and promises smooth, supple skin. Many women all over the world swear by it. Mine is supposed to be delivered today and it should be waiting at the lobby when I get home tonight. Wipee! I’m going to roadtest these two — not at the same time, though. I want to see how each will work for me and post the results after 1 month of use (that’s roughly the amount of product contained in each package). Fingers crossed, I hope this is the holy grail I’ve been looking for!

Happy weekend!

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