New toy + CAM Buddy

Posted on March 2, 2010


Last week, I spent part of my (well deserved) bonus (!!!) on a cute and nifty camera: a Canon Ixus 100 IS (or PowerShot SD780 IS ELPH, as it is known in North America).

Canon Ixus 100 IS - Pretty, eh? Got it in bloody red ^_^

I got it for a really good deal at Jep’s House of Gadgets at Robinson’s Pioneer. The store is in a tucked away corner, right under the staircase. But I think it’s really popular with gadget lovers, as the Multiply site proves. Along with the camera, Jep threw in a free mini tripod (which I think is quite useless because it’s too small even for a credit card-sized cam), LCD protector and camera bag (which I am thankful for, because I accidentally dropped my cam this morning!! Good thing it was inside the extremely durable bag).

On Saturday,  Schatz♥ and I found ourselves at the Tagcom Toys and Hobbies Convention at Robinson’s Place Manila. We attended the anticipated mass in the church nearby and went to Rob Place for our usual Saturday night dinner. We noticed a lot of people milling about, and some looked ‘colorful’ too. 😀 We totally did not know there was a scheduled event! We went around to look at the booths and said ‘hello’ to Raymond of CSCentrl and ‘Tita’ of Chikara Hats (pumapayat! Sobrang busy, haha).

We passed by this not-so-conspicuous booth by X-tendpro…but I’m so glad we stopped!! They’re selling CAM Buddy’s — just what I needed! I’ve been lemming for this ever since I saw one at Star City back in Jan 2009. Now I got one! Really cheap too, P450 for a 27 inch-monopod. It’s basically a retractable ‘wand’ that you connect to the base of your camera (like a tripod) then extend out so you can take self photos (without asking others to), or take pictures above crowds.

So that’s what they call it: a monopod. That’s why I can’t find it on Ebay — I was using the wrong search terms. 😀 But no matter, I have a CAM Buddy for Kai (that’s my new Canon – I have a habit of naming my gadgets*) and we had fun camwhoring 😀

At the X-tendpro booth

We love it - SOLD!

At Sushi-ya

Canon Product Photo Credit: Machines That Go Bing

* Cellphone – Yukari
Nintendo DS Lite – Tsubaki
Computer – Sumire
Microsoft Zune – Miharu
Camera – Kai

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Kumyoung at Timezone

Mga nakaw na karaoke moments! XD

Saturday night = Wii night!

G'nite...belat! 😀