New Crayola shades!

Posted on April 17, 2010


My second color-related post in 2 days. 😀

I got my very first 64-piece Crayola crayon box when I was in elementary school. I was mighty proud of it because I was one of the very few in my class who had one (and the only one who probably memorized all the colors).

When I started teaching Nihongo, I had to make a lot of visual aids for my classes. I know I could always borrow from someone or  use some of the school’s materials. But no, I decided I want my own stuff — stuff that I drew and colored on my own. 🙂 So I got myself a 64-piece box right away. I couldn’t explain how happy I felt when I opened the box and smelled the crayons. 😛

To my surprise, there are lots of new colors that I don’t remember having in my old box maaaaany years ago. The proof:

Crayola in Mauvelous, Granny Smith Apple (wahahahaha), Sepia, Macaroni and  Cheese, Asparagus, Robin’s Egg Blue and Purple Mountain’s Majesty.


I was laughing at some of the names! If the popular 80’s slambook/autograph book were as popular today, I’m sure I’d see some of the colors above in the space for “Favorite colors”. Somehow, ROYGBIV doesn’t sound as cool as…Granny Smith Apple or Purple Mountain’s Majesty. 😉

I’m going back to scrapbooking so Mauvelous and company will soon see some more colouring action. YAY!

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